Music is the language of emotions and it is a very important adjunct to treatment. We ask clients to go inside and get into their body. Music can be an important guide for them in their journey. Typically we use eye shades and headphones to block out external stimulus, making it easier for them to stay inside for long periods of time. Their inner healer becomes activated and shows them what needs to be worked on. Often emotions and somatic reactions surface, clearing the energy and body armour that keeps them stuck. Often a spiritual awakening happens if the client is ready. Our music is designed to promote this kind of work.

As we work mainly in the realm of emotional, somatic, and spiritual healing, music helps guide our clients through their journeys. Many clients comment on how each piece of music becomes the playlist on a spiritual or emotional piece of work they are doing. When the song changes, so does their work. Others comment on how a particular piece of music brought them so much healing. Over the years we have tried many different playlists used in clinical studies. Although they were helpful, we didn’t find the impact we were looking for with these playlists. So we started creating our own. The result is our series of Magical Healing playlists: beautiful instrumental music that is designed to promote a background for healing. You are welcome to listen to them and if you are doing the work, we invite you to use them in your treatments to see the results for yourself.

Magical Healing #1

Magical Healing #2

Magical Healing #3

Magical Healing #4


We ask our retreat participants to research playlists and to come up with their own for their treatment, prior to coming to the retreat. If you use a service like Spotify, it is very easy to create your own. Use Magical Healing as a guide to creating your own playlists, and if you love some of the songs, feel free to borrow them!