We offer an online course in working with psychedelics and integration. Our online course is now available. It’s a 90 hour program of online learning. The course is a prerequisite for our 6 day workshop and it is included in the cost of the workshop. You can take the online course as a stand alone learning experience. Contact us at admin@chironacademy.ca

To register for the course or for more information, please contact us: admin@chironacademy.ca

Course Leaders

Bradley Foster has a background in education and was a psychotherapist for over 15 years. His practice focused on leadership, and creativity. He trained at the Gestalt Institute in Toronto and has a BA from McGill and a Masters degree from the University of Toronto. He is the founder of the Toronto psychedelic society and organizes monthly meetings for the psychedelic therapy interest group. He has overseen the treatment of several hundred clients. With Melania, they co-created several successful protocols, which we will share with you in our course and at our retreats. They have been training therapists in their clinic in Toronto since 2018.

Bradley believes psychedelic therapy can heal our deepest wounds when done with gentleness, awareness, sensitivity, and intention. Grounded spirituality sums up his style, keeping his feet rooted in the here and now while allowing visions to manifest. His goal is to share his knowledge and learning with others so they can develop their own practice. He is committed to diversity; with the support of the Nikean Foundation that offers scholarships to therapists in underserved communities, he is bringing healing to all. Bradley believes integration is the most important part of treatment to continue the healing process.

Melania Lumezanu holds an Honours BA in Psychology and an Honours BA in Orthodox Theology/Social Work. Her interests in both psychology and spirituality led her to further exploration into the human psych by studying both human behaviour through a Master in Applied Behaviour Analysis  and more in-depth spiritual-emotional-body oriented healing modalities through a Graduate Spiritual Psychotherapy College. 

Having to heal her own trauma and to learn how to live with an Awaken Kundalini, Melania started exploring the psychedelics realm a few years ago. Her current therapeutic and healing approach combines  over 15 years work experience in the cognitive-behavioural field with her own spiritual/healing journey, by creating a safe container and empowering her clients to access their own healing capacities. 

She sees psychedelic therapy as a bridge between the sciences and the deeper meaning we give to the purpose of our lives. Only through compassion, forgiveness, and love,  can we accept and integrate the darkest parts of our selves. When we allow the energy of compassion to flow freely throughout our being, the healing process has begun.

The contents of the on-line course includes:

Chapter 1

Getting Ready

Psychedelic therapy Tutorial

Preparation of self

Self care

Intention setting



Chapter 2





Set and Setting

Chapter 3

Working with Others




Finding Others

Chapter 4

Working with Substances




Working with Intentions


Chapter 5



Treatment topics

Inner Healer


Chapter 6



After care

Chapter 7

Treatment Room


Equipping your treatment room

Audio Equipment



Chapter 8

Historical Context

Business Plan


Further Reading

Glossary of Terms

Each retreat is led by Bradley Foster, Melania Lumezanu, or Jim Kragtwyk and is intended for a small cohort of participants interested in learning how to conduct successful psychedelic therapeutic treatments. Participants will be taken through the entire process — from consultation, to treatment, to integration, and follow-up.  Bradley and Melania are looking for a diverse group of healers who have had their own psychedelic experiences, and feel called to work in this emerging area.

This experiential retreat will train you in the arts of psychedelic therapy as developed by Bradley and Melania.  Their protocol has been refined over several years and several hundred treatments. The program includes 90 hours of online learning that deals with the nuts and bolts of running a practice, including ethics, theory, treatment modalities, trauma awareness, working with co-therapists, holding ceremonies, and more. This extensive online work is complemented by a six-day retreat that will provide hands-on experience in sitting and being witnessed, while learning about somatic and therapeutic interventions, integration, intention setting, and treatment modalities.

The workshop has a number of components:

  • The intake process involves completing a questionnaire and an interview to collect your history.
  • When you are accepted into the program, you will make a deposit and take the on-line training (see below for a list of topics covered)
  • Creation of an online peer group to support participants before and after the workshop.
  • When the intake and the online course is completed, you will be able to attend one of our workshops
  • The workshop is experiential — you will do your own work as well as work as a group, and in teams.

By the end of the retreat, you will have learned how to work with a client from initial contact to post-treatment integration. You will acquire best practices and discover what to avoid in your practice. You will learn how to work with substances and stack them in different ways to produce various outcomes. You will understand the importance of establishing intentions in this work. As it is experiential, you will undergo your own treatment and sit for others. You will be shown effective interventions, including somatic, emotional and therapeutic, and how to incorporate a spiritual approach. Individual and group integration practices will be demonstrated. Each participant will be evaluated and given a certificate of completion at the closing ceremony.

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