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Example Topics Newly Added to the Previous Online Course and Included in the Upcoming Training:

Each phase of the learning process constructs upon the preceding one, giving the trainees the opportunity to establish a solid base before progressing to the next level of learning.

  1. Developing Clinical Judgement: Exploring Critical Thinking, Reflection, Reasoning, and Decision-Making. 
  2. The Importance of Screening, Safety, and Informed Consent in Psychedelic Therapy.
  3. Enhance Proficiency in Conducting Comprehensive Assessments within a Trauma-Informed Framework, Allowing for a Deep Understanding of Clients’ Readiness and Individual Needs.
  4. Explore Effective Strategies for Navigating Cultural Diversity within Therapeutic Settings, Enhancing Cultural Competence, Building Strong Cross-Cultural Therapeutic Relationships, and Adapting Interventions to Respect and Embrace Diverse Cultural Backgrounds.
  5. Delving into Empowerment through Informed Decision-Making: Active Client Engagement in their Healing Journey within the Context of Psychedelic Therapy.
  6. Navigating Therapist Competencies: Skills, Readiness, and Recognizing Cases Beyond Scope of Practice.
  7. Mastering Effective Communication: Exploring Active Listening, Clear Communication, Inquiring Techniques, Skillful Interruption , Redirecting with Purpose, Reflective Practices, and Effective Client Engagement. 
  8. Foundational Knowledge: Understanding the Pharmacology, Neurobiology, Therapeutic Potential, and Risks of Psychedelic Substances. 
  9. Customising Psychedelic Medicine Protocols: Integrating Client Profiles, Nervous System Regulation, and Individual Unique Needs.
  10. Navigating Risk and Maximising Safety in Psychedelic Therapy: Enhancing Efficacy through Effective Risk Management
  11. Exploring Trauma Awareness, Mental Health, and Well-Being within the Realm of Psychedelic Therapy: Navigating Healing Journeys with Informed Understanding and Compassionate Guidance.
  12. Spiritual Emergencies and Drug-Induced Psychotic Episodes:  Differentiating,  Understanding, Supporting, and Navigating.
  13. Exploring the Unique Aspects of Addressing Trauma Responses in Psychedelic Journeys: Equipping Psychedelic Therapists with Specialized Skills to Facilitate Safe and Transformative Healing, Differing from Conventional Therapy Approaches.
  14. Understanding Somatic and Emotional Processing: Exploring Basic Neuroanatomy, Brain Functions, and Their Role in Trauma Processing and Behaviours.
  15. Understanding, Recognizing, and Managing Loops: Navigating Stuck Patterns During Healing Psychedelic Journeys.
  16. Enhancing Team Performance and Client Satisfaction: The Art of Co-Sitter Selection and Its Influence on Team Unity and Client Outcomes.
  17. Explore the Intricate Dynamics of Transference, Countertransference, and Projections, Alongside Effective Techniques for Managing Triggers within Therapeutic Relationships
  18. Changing Careers and Transitioning into Psychedelic Filed: Leveraging Existing Skills and Shifting Perspectives.
  19. Exploring Behaviour Principles: Unveiling the Mechanics of Operant Conditioning, Reinforcement, Punishment, Stimulus Discrimination, Maintenance, and Generalization, and Their Practical Role in Identifying, Interrupting, and Transforming Disruptive Behavior Patterns.

The contents of the old Chiron online course included:

Preparation of Self


Intention setting

Trauma Awareness


Harm Reduction


Pretreatment Questionnaire

Client Intake and Assessment

Set and Setting

Pre-Treatment Call



Transference & Counter Transference

Finding Others

Pharmacology and Combining Medicine

Medicine and Intention



Medicine Preparation



Organizing The Tools for Treatment


Intention Setting

Holding Space and Witnessing

Treatment Modalities

Treatment Tips For Transformation

Don’t do this…

Inner Healing Intelligence

Closing Ceremony


Integration Techniques

After care

Treatment Room Duties

Note Taking

Client Care

Business Plan

Equipping your treatment room

Audio Equipment



Historical Context

Further Reading and Studies


Glossary of Terms

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