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Come as You Are, No One Left Behind!

Chiron Learning Academy sees human life as a precious gift that requires nourishment, love and guidance to reach its full potential. We acknowledge both our human and divine nature, and stand for Radical Transformation of our intergenerational and present conditioning in full awareness, acceptance and love in order to heal our wounded parts.

Chiron’s Mission

To create an applicable and sustainable educational healing platform where each person can access services, including people from disadvantaged communities. We believe everyone deserves to live to their full potential of usefulness, wellbeing and happiness, regardless of social, cultural, financial or educational status.

Through a well defined, structured and comprehensive healing approach and methodology, we help our clients make informed decisions and become their own Sovereign Beings by fully taking charge of their lives and healing process, thus teaching them to create strong and lasting changes by means of:

  • de-programming old conditioning
  • true self-discovery
  • re-programming human conditioning
  • increasing functionality
  • finding and aligning with life purpose
  • becoming healthy and joyful members of family and community

Harm Reduction & Educational Platform

Chiron Learning Academy is a Harm Reduction and Educational Platform that creates awareness in the safe usage of psychedelics in a controlled environment. Chiron provides structures that increase the understanding of practice theories and further developments in utilizing psychedelics as a catalyst for advancements in mental health. 

We use an integrative and applied approach; our teachings are eclectic, holistic and employ a variety of modalities to further the client’s healing. Chiron’s philosophy focuses on education, awareness, trauma and wellbeing, using psychedelics in a therapeutic, shamanic, or recreational context.

Social Significance & Validity

Psychedelics provide tremendous healing benefits but can be harmful if used improperly, potentially re-traumatizing clients. Entering a journey with the right mindset requires proper preparation and set-and-setting, whether self-administering one’s own medicine or administration by qualified guides.

Always keeping in mind the client’s safety, our goal is to reduce the risk of harm among individuals who are exploring psychedelics by choice. We assist in helping to make informed decisions and integrating the experience into day to day life.

Psychedelics Are Powerful Healing Tools When Used Appropriately

See our Level I Psychedelic Training, Preparation & Applied Integration.

Chiron’s History

Chiron was founded by Melania Eliza Lumezanu and Bradley Foster in 2020. They facilitated nine training and mentoring programs for mental health professionals and others in the healing field, both in British Columbia and Ontario. After embarking on different paths, Bradley created the Phoenix Academy, which can be found at Phoenix Academy.

Thank You for Showing Up & Healing the Wounded Healer within You! 

Thank You for Being at Service to the Ones in Need! Thank You for Trusting Chiron! We are ONE!

Deep Gratitude & Love!

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Psychedelic medicines offer some of the most powerful and intense psychological experiences you can have. These substances are illegal in many places. Even though these substances are illegal, their use occurs frequently. We do not condone breaking of the law. It is our goal to provide accurate information about these substances. We encourage the user to make responsible decisions and to practice harm reduction.

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Chiron’s Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Course is truly a journey you will never forget. Not only are they, extremely gifted therapists, they are also the most dedicated, warm-hearted and generous people you could ever hope to meet. The container they created for our cohort was solid and loving, allowing each individual to do their own deep and powerful work. I went with a somewhat skeptical hat on, curious to see if their approach could really be effective for healing some longstanding childhood trauma. I am delighted to report that it does. If you’ve ever considered pursuing this kind of meaningful work, I can’t recommend Chiron – and The Sentinel where the first training took place – highly enough. A superb combination of set, setting and substance that is truly more than the sum of its parts!