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8 thoughts on “Unit 5.2: Matching Substances to Intention

  1. Dace Mars says:

    The reading material says the effective dose of 2CB is 5-40 mg, but the options on the quiz are 5-15, & 15-40

  2. admin says:

    Hi Dace, you are correct, we had the wrong choice in the answers. I have corrected it. Thank you!

  3. Michael says:

    Can you recommend a good book that outlines Internal Family Systems?

  4. admin says:

    Internal Family Systems by Dick Schwartz is a good introduction. There are many videos on youtube by Schwartz and many workbooks and books available.

  5. Deanna Smith says:

    “We use strains known as penis envy and golden teacher depending on the job we need to do.” Could you please expand on this statement? When would you use penis envy vs. golden teacher? Is penis envy typically stronger than golden teacher and, if so, should the dose be lower?

  6. Deanna Smith says:

    2 more questions:

    Curious your thoughts on 3MMC vs MDMA?

    “We give clients 125 mg of MDMA and two hours later, 20 – 25 mg of 2C-B” Do you always combine 2CB with MDMA, or can you use 2CB just on it’s own? If using just on its own, is the dose 40mg?

  7. admin says:

    3MMC produces some similar effects as MDMA but it cuts off the emotion so it can be easier for a client to go deep into their emotions without having to feel them. We have been using it more and more because it is very relational and safer for trauma. It is also great for couples who love each other but have difficulty working out their differences.

    We do use 2C-B on it’s own but we feel the come down is easier with a booster of MDMA. We have used 40mg doses of 2C-B on their own.

  8. admin says:

    We used to use penis envy a lot especially with “hardheads” but we find it is very easy to overwhelm the client. We have tried lower doses with a positive effect. Golden Teacher provides a more gentle ride without overwhelm. Clients receive a lot more with GT and have a better experience. Penis envy can be likened to LSD whereas Golden Teacher is more like mescaline if that makes sense. We don’t want to overwhelm the client so we tend to use golden teacher 90% of the time.

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