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2 thoughts on “Unit 2.3a: Preparation of Self: The Imperative of Self-Preparation in Trauma-Informed Psychedelic Therapy

  1. Brenda Hamilton says:

    “Understand your relationship with spirit, and be able to hold space for others experience.” How does one do either of these? I certainly don’t understand my relationship with spirit. How does one hold space? I’m hoping both of these are discussed later.

  2. Mela Lumezanu says:

    Hi Brenda,
    Your relationship with spirit is a personal one. Some people don’t have a relationship per say but it could be just a connection with the creator or what ever you want to call it. Everyone who has a relationship with spirit relates in their own way. Some people pray, some people go to church, some people meditate, smoke cannabis and connect with Shakti. Regardless, being able to hold a neutral space for others without projecting your own beliefs on others and holding a non-judgemental space is not only important in our own medicine work, but with clients as well.

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