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2 thoughts on “Unit 2.5: Trauma Awareness

  1. Carson Kivari says:

    As someone who has long seen the slow recovery from PTSD, I am very interested in the statement above: “…if severe, it is often intractable and deeply rooted. It typically takes 2 or 3 treatments and therapy to clear with MDMA or 2C-B.”

    If it weren’t for the MAPS studies, I would never believe “2 or 3” treatments could “clear” severe PTSD. Even seeing the papers I’m still skeptical! But if this is really true, that is wonderful and certainly a boon to humanity.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Carson, 2 – 3 treatments have been excellent in clearing all manner of trauma, particularly early childhood trauma, PTSD, and sexual abuse. Of course it isn’t a magic fix. The client has to do a lot of work with the help of medicines to clear their trauma. Be aware than a single treatment can open the flood gates of trauma and make the client worse. Our recommendation is to treat them again as soon as possible to work on all the trauma that has come up. Miracles do happen! I hope you have an opportunity to work with the medicine soon with your vets!

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