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2 thoughts on “Unit 9.3: Glossary of Terms

  1. Jan Gagne says:

    I am loving this type of work. It has been great for me in doing and writing the course out by hand and reflecting as I took breaks. I have learned a great deal and some of it just seemed to come natural and some just plain ole common sense.
    I have had the pleasure of working with an excellent psychotherapist, and before I started doing this course and I have to say I have seen some fantastic results. Of course I have done all of the medicine before the clients and know what to expect and how to help guide clients through their journeys.
    I have had the honor of being a guide for over 20 journeys to date and look forward to more. I have worked with both men and women clients, as there are no other gentlemen who are guides in our circle, and I am not afraid to work with men either. Safety is always taken into consideration regardless if man or woman. With seeing how much it helps people, I feel like there is a great need for this work. I look forward to doing the workshop and meeting others that are just as passionate about this work as I am. Thank you and looking forward to meeting you and yours. Cheers, Jan Gagne

  2. admin says:

    Hi Jan, I’m happy you are enjoying the course. We continually update it and add more material. You seem to have a good handle on sitting. We learn so much from our clients, they are our best teachers!

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