Applied Clinical Knowledge and Solution-Focused Strategies

through Somatic Embodiment within an Applied Spiritual Framework

Key Words: Harm Reduction, Trauma Focused, Assessing Readiness, Assessment, Preparation, Nervous System Regulation, Somatic & Emotional Processing, Spirituality and Integration

This current training is built on the previous Chiron structure and upgraded to a new level to reflect the current practices of Melania Lumezanu and Len Benoit.

We are looking for a diverse group of Mental Health Professionals & Traditional Healers who have had their own psychedelic experiences, and feel called to work in this emerging field.

Training Components:

  1. Online Course: Self Paced
  2. Complete the Online Chiron Academy Application
  3. Individual Screening & Comprehensive Assessment
  4. Individual Set & Setting
  5. Forming the Telegram Cohort Group
  6. Meeting Cohort, Building Container, Group Intention Setting & Forming Teams – As a Client (Zoom)
  7. Screening, Assessment & Preparation Process –  As Professional (Zoom)
  8. First Individual & Group Assignment (YOU GOT THIS)
  9. Accelerated Learning Workshop – 8 Days – In Person
  10. Become a Member of Chiron’s Professional Community
  11. Group Integration & Follow Up – As a Client (Zoom)
  12. Professional Integration & Follow Up – As Professional (Zoom)
  13. Complete Professional and Personal Evaluation
Chiron Online & In-Person Accelerated Learning Workshops.

Chiron’s Teaching Framework

Our teaching is an eclectic combination of modalities, which facilitates an effective learning outcome. Chiron uses an Applied and Integrative Learning Approach, wherein trainees learn by engaging in direct application of the skills, theories, and models throughout the entire program. This comprehensive approach demonstrates knowledge as an applied learning process. Therefore, we utilize the following modalities to facilitate a successful application of the entirety of our vision:

  •  Direct Observation of Others and Self 
  •  Inquiring 
  •  Data Analyzing
  •  Case Studies 
  •  Critical Thinking
  • Clinical Judgment
  •  Role playing
  •  Hands on and Direct Experiencing
  • Somatic Experiencing 
  • Constructive Feedback 
  • Reflection 
  • Guidance 
  • Ongoing Evaluation 

Each stage of the learning process builds on the previous, allowing the trainees an opportunity to build a solid base before moving on to the next level of learning.  

Following our *Client Protocol Healing Process*, trainees are guided to transfer their individual learning experiences—as Client and Guide within the training/clinical setting—into their own private practice. 

Within this framework, Chiron provides a unique structure, which is based upon extensive experience and best-evidence practice available. This application adapts to various healing settings, from Psychedelic Clinics to Ceremonial/Shamanic settings. 

*Client Healing Process Protocol*

  • Consultation
  • Questionnaire
  • Screening
  • Comprehensive Assessment
  • Assessing Readiness to determine number of sessions needed
  • Set & Setting
  • PsychSomatic & Embodiment Preparation  
  • Healing Journey 
  • Emotional Processing & Alignment 
  • Applied Integration I
  • Applied Integration II
  • Follow Up

Chiron’s Therapeutic Approach

Our therapeutic approach encompasses a Compassionate Client-Centred and Educational Framework. It utilises unique applications of varied therapeutic modalities, including body-centred, psychosomatic, energetic and spiritual modalities. We focus on empowering our clients throughout their healing journey to access their own healing gifts, and to facilitate independance, healing and growth. 

Chiron’s Psychedelic Training has created an innovative opportunity to experience being a client, while holding the guide/therapist’s “hat” at all times. We meet others as far as we meet ourselves—thus, the essential nature of trainees being immersed in their client’s experience during the entire training utilizes our all-encompassing vision of therapeutic healing. While adhering to a framework of radical honesty (the capacity to self-analyze with a minimum bias), we acknowledge that each trainee maintains a different level of self-awareness, and as such, will meet you where you are as a client, honouring your individual healing process. 

Ideal Candidate Profile 

The following are prerequisites to attend the Accelerated Learning Workshop

  • To maintain a beginner’s mind
  • In-depth psychedelic experiences
  • Emotional maturity and stability
  • To hold multiple “hats” at the same time: therapist, guide, client
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills
  • Ability to learn from naturally occurring and non-formal teaching situations (Teaching and healing occur in any situation, so to be able to correlate/translate the teaching in varied situations)
  • Strong coping skills & self-regulation
  • Capacity to adapt/transfer skills from one therapeutic domain to another
  • Clinical judgement – ability to stay present and to act decisively during stressful events – making decisive decisions
  • Mediation/conflict resolution skills
  • Trauma awareness
  • Flexibility & adaptability
  • Self-accountability and responsibility 
  • To give/take constructive feedback