Applied Clinical & Spiritual Framework

Chiron Learning Academy’s unique framework, rooted in extensive experience and the best available evidence-based practices, integrates clinical expertise, spiritual and ceremonial approaches, somatic regulation, and emotional processing. This adaptable approach spans a spectrum of healing settings, ranging from clinical environments to ceremonial and shamanic contexts, ensuring a holistic and inclusive path to healing.

  • Engaging teaching through presentations, dynamic PowerPoints, reading materials, interactive role-playing, comprehensive case studies, and effective modelling.
  • A progressive learning structure that ensures each stage builds upon the previous, enabling trainees to establish a strong foundation before advancing to the next level of comprehension.
  • Incorporation of inquiry and self-reflection, fostering active participation from trainees and cultivating a participatory learning environment.
  • Opportunities for both individual and team presentations and the sharing of insights, encouraging collaborative knowledge exchange.
  • Customised assignments designed for both individual growth and collaborative teamwork.
  • Ongoing provision of constructive feedback, serving as a guiding force for skill refinement and deeper understanding.
  • Valuable contributions from guest speakers and various practitioners, enriching the learning experience with diverse perspectives and expertise.

Who is This Program Intended for:

Mental Health Professionals, Traditional Healers, and Seekers

  • A comprehensive understanding of trauma-informed psychedelic practices
  • Enhanced skills and competencies for professional and personal growth
  • The ability to integrate new insights into their existing practice, providing clients with cutting-edge, compassionate care