What our clients have to say…

“I met Mela a couple of years ago as a client in her private practice. When she announced that she was launching Level I Psychedelic Training, Preparation/Integration through Chiron Learning Academy, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from her. Mela is a deeply committed healer who understands trauma inside and out. Her training method is based on solid clinical knowledge and rooted in experience with a deep understanding of human behavior around non-ordinary states of consciousness. She combines deep shadow work, various healing touch modalities, and spirituality in a highly informed synthesis. If you want to take the next step in your psychedelic explorations then look no further than Chiron. I applaud her for building real, durable community in these challenging times. Let’s go Chiron!”


Mela and Len hold the rarest combinations of competency, incredible empathy, and genuine care for their clients. I was never in doubt that I was in excellent hands when dealing with them through every step of the process. Their styles and skills complement each other to a level that I didn’t know could exist. 

Len’s fitness and martial arts background, and bodywork skills bring a level of masculine security to their practice that’s hard to describe,

Mela is able to complement that by holding emotional space at a high level, having fantastic listening skills, and leading with an open heart. 

Enough about them as people, I was as thoroughly impressed with their services as well. Every single step of the way they held the highest standard of practice. Their preparation work was thorough, professional, and grounded. They do the correct amount of screening and get to know their clients before working with them to ensure both parties have found the right match.

They are true professionals in every sense of the phrase in regards to their work. Their understanding and experience with multiple modalities like talk therapy and bodywork allowed me to heal to a level I didn’t think was possible after one session. 

Every single one of the intentions I set for my healing journey was achieved – again, something I never thought was possible. 

Not only have I gained a connection with wonderful healers throughout this process, but I’ve also gained friendships with people that are on a true and beautiful path to making this world a better place. 

Couldn’t recommend them and their services enough.”

– P C