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  1. Trauma-Informed Screening and Assessment: Ensure you’re embarking on this journey from a place of awareness and safety, taking into account any past traumas or mental health considerations.
  2. Preparation: Equip yourself with the necessary mental and emotional tools to maximize benefits and minimize potential harm.
  3. Applied Integration: Take what you’ve learned and experienced during your journey and apply it constructively in your daily life.

Consultation for Mental Health Providers

  1. Informed Decision-Making: Psychedelics offer profound opportunities for mental healing, but they are not without their risks. Being knowledgeable allows you to guide your clients towards making informed choices, helping them weigh the potential benefits and pitfalls.
  2. Preparation is Key: The mental state one has before entering a psychedelic experience can greatly influence the outcome. Your guidance can prepare clients emotionally and mentally, setting the stage for a safer and more transformative experience.
  3. Post-Experience Integration: What happens after the psychedelic experience is often as important as the experience itself. Your role in helping clients integrate their experiences into daily life can be invaluable, turning a potentially disorienting episode into a catalyst for lasting positive change.

Join us for a specialized consultation and arm yourself with the tools to navigate this exciting yet complex new frontier in mental health. Your clients are already curious; be the expert they can turn to.