Melania sees herself as a Teacher, a Visionary, and a Healer. Melania came to Canada 16 years ago as a young Professional Emigrant (Psychologist). Full of life, dreams, hopes, determination and a strong faith in the path she has chosen to follow, always seeing herself Being at Service to the Ones in Need.

Her work is rooted in over 12 years of Academic studies, such as Clinical Psychology; Social Work; Master in Applied Disability Studies /Applied Behaviour Analysis; Religious Studies & Orthodox Theology; and Spiritual Psychotherapy as formal education.

She has learned during her over 18 years of working in various therapeutic fields that we, regardless of our Professional Hats, need to operate from a human perspective when interacting with our clients/audience. She believes that real work occurs when we, as mental health providers, teachers or healers are able to fully embody and model our teaching by example to facilitate awareness, acceptance, kindness, compassion, and love towards all of our human weakness, regardless where we or them are in their Journey of Healing and Awakening. 

She sees psychedelic therapy as a bridge between the science and the deeper meaning we give to the purpose of our lives. Only through compassion, forgiveness, and love can we accept and integrate the darkest parts of ourselves. When we allow the energy of compassion to flow freely throughout our being, the healing process has begun.

With her then partner Bradley Foster, they co-created many effective psychedelic treatment protocols. Inspired by their results, Mela and Bradley decided first to train therapists in their clinic in Toronto and later in 2020 to create the Chiron Academy to bring this work out to others. Mela and Bradley went different ways professionally in 2021. The result for Bradley was Phoenix Academy, which embodies and exemplifies Bradley’s philosophy of training and collaboration with others. For those interested in Bradley’s offerings, please see Phoenix Academy.

Melania’s teaching focuses on empowering people and cultivating tools to access their own healing gifts. She believes that everyone can access their own Inner Analyst, Teacher and Healer, when the right interventions and support are provided.

“I met Mela a couple of years ago as a client in her private practice. When she announced that she was launching psychedelic preparation/integration training through Chiron Learning Academy, I jumped at the opportunity to learn from her. Mela is a deeply committed healer who understands trauma inside and out. Her training method is based on solid clinical knowledge and rooted in experience with a deep understanding of human behavior around non-ordinary states of consciousness. She combines deep shadow work, various healing touch modalities, and spirituality in a highly informed synthesis. If you want to take the next step in your psychedelic explorations then look no further than Chiron. I applaud her for building real, durable community in these challenging times. Let’s go Chiron!” BF