Chiron Learning Academy Inc. is a growing professional community started by Melania Lumezanu and Bradley Foster in 2019 to help train psychedelic therapists in the science and arts of healing with psychedelics. We are adding trainers, workshops, retreats, ceremonies and resources in the coming year.

We would like to introduce our new trainers who will be assisting us at future retreats and workshops, Jim Kragwyk and Heidi Erhardt.

Jim has been supporting individuals, groups, families in business and organizations for over 35 years.  From clinical intervention, group facilitation, executive management, teaching and training, program design, facilitation and evaluation, and workplace interventions, Jim’s expertise and guidance has supported profound and sustainable change oriented towards health, wellness, creativity and productivity. 

As a Master’s level clinical counsellor and psychotherapist and an internationally certified addictions professional, Jim has the breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and abilities in the fields of mental health and addictions.  As a clinician, supervisor, executive manager and teacher he has worked in government, health authority, not-for profit, educational and corporate organizational cultures.

Embodying a rich and integrated health and wellness lifestyle, Jim is also a martial arts teacher, trauma-informed yoga instructor, body and movement psychotherapist, musician and spiritual seeker.

His intentional and therapeutic experience with using plant medicines and psychedelics spans 2 decades working individually, with couples and within groups.

Heidi Erhardt holds a BA from University California Santa Cruz and has been a workshop leader and educator for nearly three decades. She works one-on-one with students and clients, in groups and facilitates a variety of workshops and ceremonial spaces, supporting people to trust themselves, take risks, be creative and deepen their awareness of self.

As a certified SoulCollage® Facilitator, Heidi’s work draws upon Carl Jung’s perspective of the collective unconscious and archetypal intelligence. Through evocative images and Gestalt journaling, she supports clients and participants to gain a deeper understanding of themselves in their preparation and integration work exploring non-ordinary states. Her mentoring approach is to validate and reflect the individual experience, as well as placing the experiences within the larger context of the “human condition” and our natural inclination toward growth, transformation and evolution.

Heidi holds decades of plant medicine and psychedelic experience in a variety of settings and contexts. In 1994, she journeyed to South America to experiment with San Pedro/Huachuma and sat in ceremony with shamans in the Amazon jungle to explore Ayahuasca. She has since participated in Native American Peyote Church ceremonies, Brazilian Santo Daime ceremonies and continues her work with a variety of psychedelics and plant medicines individually and in groups. She has studied ancient pre-Mayan Native American traditions and ceremonies with Rainbow Hawk and Wind Eagle at Ehama Institute and has been trained as a Reiki Master, Herbalist and Aroma Therapist.

Devoted to fostering love and evolution through presencing and mentoring, Heidi currently hosts several women’s and girl’s groups with a focus on empowerment and rites of passage. She cultivates her own practice of solitude and silence in an annual Vision Fast in the wild

Heidi has been practicing Vipassana Meditation for ten years, Transcendental Meditation for two years and through the Dharmata Foundation, has been trained in Dharma Leadership. For over twenty years Heidi has been practicing various martial arts and yoga and has been studying traditional dance and music for over thirty years. She is currently in a Dance Troupe exploring authentic movement and prayer in performance art and offers crystal bowl sound healings regularly in a variety of settings. All of these personal practices and Non-Violent Communication training has been invaluable in affording her high levels of sensitivity, attunement and compassion.

Heidi is devoted to working one-on-one with people as well as hosting groups where she can create a safe container that generates trust, depth of presence and transpersonal growth. Contributing and participating in intentional spaces where growth and evolution emerge organically is her greatest passion.

Melania Lumezanu holds an Honours BA in Psychology and an Honours BA in Orthodox Theology/Social Work. Her interests in both psychology and spirituality led her to further exploration into the human psyche by studying both human behaviour through a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis and more in-depth spiritual-emotional-body oriented healing modalities through a certificate program in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy. 

Having to heal her own trauma and to learn how to live with an awakened kundalini, Melania started exploring the realm of psychedelics a few years ago. Her current therapeutic and healing approaches combine over fifteen years work experience in the cognitive-behavioural field with her own spiritual/healing journey, thereby allowing her to create a safe container and empower her clients to access their own healing capacities. 

She sees psychedelic therapy as a bridge between the sciences and the deeper meaning we give to the purpose of our lives. Only through compassion, forgiveness, and love can we accept and integrate the darkest parts of ourselves. When we allow the energy of compassion to flow freely throughout our being, the healing process has begun.

Bradley Foster has a background in education and was a psychotherapist for over 15 years. His practice focused on leadership and creativity. He trained at the Gestalt Institute in Toronto and has a BA from McGill and a Masters degree from the University of Toronto. He is the founder of the Toronto Psychedelic Society and organizes monthly meetings for the Psychedelic Therapy Interest Group. He has overseen the psychedelic therapy of several hundred clients over the last three years. With Melania, they co-created several successful protocols, treating three people a week. They have been training therapists in their clinic in Toronto since 2018.

Bradley believes psychedelic therapy can heal our deepest wounds when done with awareness, sensitivity, and intention. Grounded spirituality sums up his style, keeping his feet rooted in the here and now while allowing visions to manifest. His goal is to share his knowledge and learning with others so they can develop their own practices. He believes integration is the most important part of treatment in order to continue the healing process.