Chiron Learning Academy Inc. is a growing professional community started by Melania Lumezanu and Bradley Foster in 2019 to help train psychedelic therapists in the science and arts of healing with psychedelics. We are adding trainers, workshops, retreats, ceremonies and resources in the coming year.

Melania Lumezanu holds an Honours BA in Psychology and an Honours BA in Orthodox Theology/Social Work. Her interests in both psychology and spirituality led her to further exploration into the human psyche by studying both human behaviour through a Masters in Applied Behaviour Analysis and more in-depth spiritual-emotional-body oriented healing modalities through a certificate program in Spiritual Care and Psychotherapy. 

Having to heal her own trauma and to learn how to live with an awakened kundalini, Melania started exploring the realm of psychedelics a few years ago. Her current therapeutic and healing approaches combine over fifteen years work experience in the cognitive-behavioural field with her own spiritual/healing journey, thereby allowing her to create a safe container and empower her clients to access their own healing capacities. 

She sees psychedelic therapy as a bridge between the sciences and the deeper meaning we give to the purpose of our lives. Only through compassion, forgiveness, and love can we accept and integrate the darkest parts of ourselves. When we allow the energy of compassion to flow freely throughout our being, the healing process has begun.