Embracing Vulnerability

Going Beyond Clinical Professional Expertise

Exploring Unfamiliar Terrains

Being Mindful of Unconscious Biases

Learning from Mistakes

Experiencing Healing from the Inside Out

Challenging Rigid Social and Cultural Norms while Respecting Diverse Perspective

Embracing Change and Transformation 

My name is Melania Eliza and this is the ongoing tale of my journey toward learning, healing, and transformation—a story of embracing life and daring to be fully myself.

I immigrated to Canada in 2006 as a professional imigrant, psychologist and psychology teacher, armed with a relentless determination to continually evolve both in my professional career and as an individual.

My current practice as a Trauma & Wellbeing Therapist, Psychedelic Trainer, Mentor & Consultant is rooted in 12 years of formal academic education, enhanced by specialised trainings, courses, and other therapeutic modalities that further inform my therapy and teaching practice. This extensive background is complemented by over 19 years of experience in various therapeutic fields.

Academic Education 

  • Spiritual Psychotherapy  – Graduate Program 
  • Master in Applied Disability Studies (M.ADS) – Applied Behaviour Analysis
  • Advanced Post-Grad Diploma in Behavioural Science Technology
  • Honours, B.A Clinical Psychology
  • Honours, B.A. Orthodox Theology and Social Work

 Mental Health and Trauma Experience

  • Complex Trauma
  • Developmental and Relational Trauma 
  • Physical, Verbal and Emotional Abuse 
  • Sexual Abuse 
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • PTSD
  • OCD & OCPD (Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder)
  • Depression
  • Drug Induced Manic Episodes and Psychosis
  • Mood Disorders as a result of a Spiritual Emergency
  • Borderline Personality Disorder
  • Impulse Control Disorder 
  • Anger/Rage 
  • Eating Disorder – Anorexia 
  • Neurodevelopmental Disorders, such as Autism, AD/HD, Learning Disability
  • Developmental Delay and Intellectual  Disabilities

I was born in East Europe, Romania, a land full of magic, mythology, folklore, where old pagan rituals are intertwined in a natural way with a strong orthodox faith and traditions. Science, education, natural healing, old pagan spells, magic and miracles were all welcome. 

Growing up until the age of 7 with my grandparents on their farm, my early years were imbued with magic. I was regaled with endless stories about mythical creatures, both dark and light, and participated in earth-based rituals that aligned with the changing seasons. Surrounded by nature and animals, each day was an adventure where everything felt alive, magical, joyful, and in harmony with the natural order of life.

Family and community gatherings were integral to my upbringing. Despite life’s hardships, there was always a reason to come together and celebrate as a community. In Romania, life is seen as a precious gift from the Divine that doesn’t end with our physical death, hence our deep respect and ongoing celebrations of our ancestors. Both the seen and unseen worlds manifest in unique ways in our daily lives.

My early fascination with the magic of old stories, as well as the understanding of human behaviour, family dynamics, community interactions, mythology, rituals, and cultural traditions, has set me on a lifelong path of continuous learning and service to those in need.

My practice is eclectic, and my work is deeply transformative and magical. I lead by example, unafraid to present myself as a fully-realised human being—with gifts and imperfections, unafraid to remain fully transparent with who I am at any given moment of my life.

I teach the importance of showing up exactly as we are, emphasising transparency, accountability, and a willingness to improve. I guide my clients in extending compassion toward their wounded parts, while also being mindful of how these parts express themselves in the world. In doing so, I teach them to fully accept, honour, and love themselves in any circumstance, no matter what.

I see the past and future as interconnected components of a continuous present moment. This perspective highlights the need for self-awareness to identify our dysfunctional patterns. It also underscores the ongoing work required to deprogram and reprogram ourselves, freeing us from the matrix of familial, social, and cultural conditioning.

During my years of practice, I’ve learned that, regardless of our professional hats, we need to operate from a human perspective when interacting with our clients/audience. Thus I see wearing the human hat at all times is an intrinsic part of being a mental health professional. 

I believe true progress in mental health comes when professionals and healers live their teachings and lead transparently. This fosters awareness and compassion for human vulnerabilities, regardless of where one is on their healing or awakening journey.

When Compassion & Kindness Flow Freely Within Us,

the Healing Process is Set in Motion

The cornerstone of my therapeutic approach is client empowerment. I assist my clients in breaking free from old programming to activate their inherent healing abilities and unearth their unique gifts. Guiding them toward fulfilling their highest potential and witnessing their transformative journeys is the greatest reward my profession has to offer.

I encourage my clients to adopt a lifelong learning mindset, urging them to remain open to lessons from every experience and interaction. I advocate for surrendering to the present, embracing curiosity, confronting and integrating our darker aspects, and looking beyond societal norms and stereotypes. Each day, I guide them toward greater self-acceptance and love. Thus:

  • Trusting yourself as the ultimate authority over your body, mind, soul, and life.
  • Meeting yourself where you are, with total acceptance, compassion, and love.
  • Giving yourself permission to be whoever you want to be.
  • Knowing what you want and finding the best way to manifest it.
  • Being assertive and standing up for yourself in any situation, no matter what.
  • Daring to go out into the world and shine to your full potential.
  • Allowing yourself to make mistakes and learning from them.
  • Being present in your own body and befriending all of your emotions.
  • Owning, nurturing, loving, and integrating all wounded parts.
  • Being vulnerable and allowing your wounded parts to be witnessed by others in a non-judgmental and safe container.
  • Rediscovering both your Divine and Human nature.
  • Identifying your ancestral and soul gifts.
  • Remaining curious like a child, always open to learning.
  • Taking full responsibility for your own healing.
  • Freeing yourself from your own judgments and those of others.
  • Connecting with others and taking leadership roles within communities.
  • Being proud and daring to be unapologetically you, while being mindful of your actions towards others.

My core healing and teaching values—such as “Do No Harm,” “Be of Service,” “Loyalty to Healing,” and “No One Left Behind”—stem from my experience as a Behaviour Analyst/Consultant. I’ve worked with children and youths with various developmental disabilities, including Autism and ADD/ADHD, to help them reach their full potential and integrate into mainstream schools and society.

Primarily, my work has been with diverse and disadvantaged communities. I’ve witnessed the challenges these families face, along with their resilience, love, and commitment to their children. They’ve welcomed me into their homes as a family member, and their kindness, appreciation, and gratitude will forever be imprinted in my memory.

The saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child,” and I’d extend that wisdom by stating: it takes a community to heal trauma and assist those in need in reaching their full healing potential and well-being.

My Healing Journey

My first significant healing breakthrough occurred in 2013, during my master’s program, when I experienced my first kundalini awakening. This life-altering event shifted my entire worldview. It unearthed numerous unprocessed traumas stored in my body, led to extreme nervous system dysregulation, triggered uncontrollable bodily movements, spontaneous yoga kriyas, vivid visions, and a range of unusual somatic symptoms with no medical explanation—just to name a few experiences that persisted for almost a decade. This transformative episode compelled me to explore healing from an entirely new perspective, beyond my professional training.

My inquiring mind led me to explore subjects such as kundalini yoga, emotional processing, chakra therapy, meditation, kundalini awakening, and neuroplasticity. This journey eventually brought me to an understanding of the body’s natural DMT production, and subsequently to a groundbreaking discovery in the field of healing: psychedelics, back in 2016.

The year of 2016 marked the beginning of a new chapter of my life, bringing a strong determination to create a unique healing method where science and magic coexist naturally. During the years of my personal exploration of non-ordinary states of mind and healing journey, I’ve become my first client. From Hell to Heaven,  I’ve seen it all! Done it all!

In 2019 on Christmas day, during a personal medicine journey, I received the first teaching of Chiron, the Wounded Healer. It took me years to fully understand, embody, manifest and bring it to others in a well designed healing and teaching modality. Chiron, the Wounded, the Healer & Teacher Within is central to, and reflected in all my teachings and healing approaches. 

In the summer of 2021, I underwent a profound Spiritual Awakening that escalated into a Spiritual Emergency. This tumultuous period was a blend of ecstasy, bliss, torment, intertwined with intense nervous system dysregulation.

Fortunately, my extensive knowledge in mental health, DSM classifications, trauma, neurobiology, somatic regulation, and emotional processing—as well as working closely with plant medicine—guided me through these intense experiences.

I emerged from this phase not just intact, but “renewed and upgraded,” as I like to say. This transformative experience equipped me with an elevated level of functioning and invaluable insights for aiding others on their own healing journeys. 

During my profound and transformative healing journey, I was blessed with numerous spiritual gifts that transformed me in remarkable ways. These gifts ranged from the art of touch healing and energy work to speaking in tongues, meeting spiritual mentors and ancestors, shape-shifting, and even revisiting past lives. I also experienced incredible physical healings, including the correction of my double scoliosis and the alleviation of other illnesses.

While my journey was far from easy, it equipped me with invaluable insights that I now use to ease the path for others. Healing doesn’t have to be a painful process—there’s a lighter, more navigable way forward!

Throughout this period, I was blessed to have the unwavering support of my loved ones, skilled practitioners and traditional healers, artists, and leaders in both Mental Health and Spiritual Communities, for which I am eternally grateful.

Special Heartfelt Gratitude and Deep Acknowledgment to Bradley Foster & Len Benoit!

Glitch in the Reality

Be You, Just You!

Trust the Process, Surrender to the Moment, Receive the Gifts

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